Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beef Chow Mein

I had some flank steak in the freezer and found a Beef Chow Mein on Epicurious that tickled me.

Here is a photo from the website:

Beef Chow <span class=

Here is what I ended up with:

The steak was tender and the sauce was a nice compliment. I couldn't find any egg noodles so I substituted some other Asian noodle made from flour. Not sure if this was the problem, but I struggled to get the noodles adequately crispy without burning.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

After a Long Hiatus: Pork Meatball Banh Mi

A few major changes since my last post: a new kitchen, a new school year, but most notably, the addition of a new mouth in the Supertaster household. In a few months (probably the next time I log in the way thing are going) the meal will most likely be pureed carrots. But enough excuses...bring on the meatball!

I noticed several interpretations of the Banh Mi, a Vietnamese-French sandwich, over the past few months and was anxious to try one. The three major components to this particular version--pork meatballs, carrot/radish slaw, and a spicy mayonnaise--are all good enough to stand alone. Put them together and you've got a meal worth making over and over again.

Since these meatballs don't contain the usual binding ingredients found in the traditional recipes, I was worried about them holding up during the frying process. This was a non-issue. In fact, the lack of egg and breadcrumbs made for a light and crispy ball of goodness.

Due to some serious grease splatter, you better look here for the recipe:

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Didn't Ignore This Because It Was Vegan!

Somehow this one slipped passed the judges...So Sorry Ms. Art!

Photo Challenge Results.

I sifted through countless submissions for the first Supertaster Photo Challenge. Taking into account photo quality, food pictured, and originality, this Set Dinner Here reader is the winner! He took on the task of cooking rabbit and made a nice sounding stew. I especially enjoyed the irony with Easter around the corner. Don't worry kids, it's not the Easter Bunny.

First Runner Up: That's a big cupcake!

Second Runner Up: This photo was sent in from fellow food blogger, Fidel Gastro. Mr. Gastro is making it happen, especially when it comes to cooking pizza.

Honorable Mention: These meals look fabulous and well-rounded. Nice presentation!

Note the New Glarus Brewing Co. bottle in the photo on the right. If you can get your hands on any of their libations, do it. This beer makes me proud to be from 'Sconny

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo Challenge and a Few to Inspire

One of the nice things that I didn't anticipate when I started this blog is the random photos that people send me of what they are cooked up. It is a relief to see that I am not the only one spending time on plating at home.

Here are a few photos sent to me this week by some loyal readers:

This desert pizza is another outstanding Pre-K snack. My niece has it good.

A good tuna casserole? Curriculum Kate found one, made it, and sent in a picture. Hopefully she will post a recipe in the comments...(hint, hint)

Another vegetarian meal--what is happening to my blog!?! This grilled asparagus, salad with balsamic dressing (the good stuff-from Pizzeria Paradiso), and bruschetta was created by the guy who puts the Pal in Principal.

The challenge: Send me a photo ( of something you made. Next Friday, I will post the best food related photo received.

If you need inspiration, check out the snapshots on The Kitchen Sink. A buddy pointed this blog out--The photos are remarkable.

Let the first challenge begin!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Black Bean Burgers

This post is a shout out to two of my favorite people-- a little frodo that was a former roommate and an enormous dude who goes by "Gorgeous." The frodo makes food that only originates in cans, so beans have always been in her rotation. Gorgeous runs a nice little vegetarian blog over at setdinnerhereveg.

I love meat. A lot. But this black bean burger gives this carnivore some doubts. It is the first vegetarian meal that made its way into the Supertaster's dinner rotation.

This meal is also perfect for for our struggling economy. If you have a decently stocked pantry with bread crumbs, cayenne, oregano, and cumin, all you need are two can of bean. And if you don't have any cumin, I know a guy who knows a guy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Creamy Cheese Tortellini with Asparagus

When I was growing up my absolute favorite meal was my mom's tortellini soup. I looked forward to it at every holiday and still request it when I am heading home to visit. But the whole "creamy cheese" part would have been touch and go fifteen years ago. Oh, how sophisticated I have become...

To relive my mom's tortellini glory days, I often pick up a package at Vace (best pizza in DC) or the local Teeter. I usually just boil it and throw it in some sauce or chicken stock, so this recipe presented a spring overhaul to a tired meal.

Minor adjustments: I grated the lemon peel and left it in the broth--I was worried about a lack of zest. I also grated "the undisputed king of cheese" over the top and finished it with a bit of crushed black pepper. This added a little bit of flavor and also made the bowl super fancy looking.

Results: This recipe was not just all looks, it was a bowl of deliciousness. So easy you can g-chat with Adelbert during the whole process.